1. Stinkbug

    First wheeling trip to Moab - Suggestions?

    I will be making my first trip to Moab the first week of April. I will be heading out there with a pack of side by side guys. I think I will mostly be riding in their side by side but will also tow my TJ out there. I am hoping some Moab locals or others that have wheeled there can give me a few...
  2. SSTJ

    South Carolina Aftermarket 16" Rubicon Moab Rims

    Bought these before deciding I prefer the 05–06 style better. They appear to be aftermarket, with quality-control stickers dating in the 20-teens. I for one could not tell until I saw the stickers. I have 5. Willing to sell as a set or individually. Let's say $65 each if selling...
  3. Steel City 06

    Pennsylvania Set of 4 OEM Moab 16x8 wheels

    Selling this set of 4 Moab OEM wheels. Note the rims are the old style (without the double curve). Bought these 2 years ago thinking I would use them, but still haven't touched them. Physically good condition, though some paint chips and scratches that could be repaired. Unfortunately I don't...
  4. 06LJR

    Alabama 2006 Rubicon "Moab" wheels & KM2 tires, set of 5

    I'm ready to let go of this set of five stock Moab wheels with 285/75-R16E BFG KM2 tires. Some wheels have smudges, but no gouges. They all balance up just fine. They were on my 2006 LJR and I rotated all five. There's a bit of cupping just started, but they've worn pretty flat across and the...
  5. ExitLeft

    SOLD 16” Moab wheels with 32s

    Have a set of 5 16x8 Moab wheels with 32” Mudstar MTs mounted. Tires have about 1500 miles on them. Spare has no wear. Tires are 265/75-16. The spare is the newer Moab wheel. The other 4 are the older Moab wheel. theres some curb rash on one wheel and some minor scrapes here and there. Overall...
  6. rasband

    Expedition Moab Episode 3 Elephant Hill (Part 2)

    I finally finished part 3 of my Utah trip, coming back out from Hoorsehoof to Elephant Hill.
  7. rasband

    Expedition Utah Episode 2 Elephant Hill (Part 1)

    If you go to Moab, I would highly recommend Elephant Hill. There's only a few challenges along the way but it's a pretty dynamic trail with a lot to offer. I'd say a big bonus is reserving a camp site (we did Hoorshoof, which is the furthest back and most isolated).