1. masnottuh

    Tera Low 4:1 NP231 transfer case

    NP231 with tera-low 4:1 kit dirty but otherwise in good working order. I don't need it as I already have a rubicrawler. 23 spline input, long shaft, will work with the auto trans. Would need to swap input shafts to use with the manual ax-15 trans. Ill let it go for $900 + shipping to a forum...
  2. RustyAutoholicGuy

    SOLD DIY NP231 Doubler Kit

    Hey TJers, I bought this kit years ago and then went a different route with my build. This is a kit that takes the front section of a NP231 and makes it a doubler. I am missing a few of the fasteners but some of each fastener is included so you can use those to replace the missing pieces...
  3. cjs_tj

    NP231 not working in 2wd

    Hi all. I've read around the forums and most people have it the other way around — in my case, the 4wd hi and lo both work great, but 2wd hi isn't working at all. I bought the jeep, 2wd worked on the test drive with the clutch feeling like it was about 95% of the way out (or maybe I am...
  4. R

    SOLD Rubicrawler (for 42RLE equipped TJs)

    Rubicrawler for Jeep TJ with NP 231/241 New and has never been installed, comes ready to install. No disappointment with this great component that turns your Jeep TJ into an obstacle monster! Buyer pays for shipping
  5. RustyAutoholicGuy

    Is there a way to just the NP231 selector shifter firmness?

    Hey Guys, I rebuilt my NP231 a while ago and ever since I rebuilt it it's been VERY difficult to change modes on the transfer case. I have a cable shifter on it now and even still it's not a smooth transition between different ranges. I know on my doubler there is a spring and ball that I can...
  6. Doctor Bone Smash

    Should I replace NP231 oil pump during rebuild?

    Should the oil pump be replaced during the rebuild or is that not much of a concern. I’ve got 146k miles on it and only rebuilding because the transmission is out for a rebuild.
  7. C

    F'n NP 231 Output shaft

    Theres this big ol dang metal disc on the outside of my output shaft, past the dreaded dust cover. Not sure what it is or what the name is, but can't get the dang thing off. Before I cause substantial damage trying to get this thing off, does anybody have a clue how to... or even what its...
  8. tagunz

    NP242 Transfer Case Swap?

    Okay guys, looking to collect the pooled wisdom of those on this forum, as I may be attempting something in possibly unexplored territory. SKIP TO THIRD PARAGRAPH FOR THE ACTUAL INQUIRY Backstory: When I first got my 5spd 2000 TJ Sport about 5 months ago, it had dangerously bald tires but I...
  9. 01TJ-Blues

    NP 231 Transfer Case Upgrades?

    So my old NP 231 is growling at me after a nice weekend of playing in the woods. Time for a rebuild after a mere 188,000 miles. That said are there any upgrades that should be done or possibly a lower ratio available before I order parts and begin the rebuild? Any input it greatly appreciated!
  10. DougB

    SOLD Advance Adapters SYE and 1300 series flange yoke for NP231 transfer case

    Bought these for my NP231 but going with a 241 Rubicon case instead, thus, I no longer need this. Both items are brand new in the box. This is from Advance Adapters. It's their 50-7097 short SYE kit with a 1300 series flange yoke for use with CV and NON-CV type custom driveshaft. This won't...
  11. Erik V

    NP231 transfer case differences?

    Is there any difference between a NP 231j T-case that was mated to either a Automatic or Standard trans? Both behind a 6cylinder and same year TJ, 06. I was thinking about buying a T-case ( I found one for $100) and doing a sye and any other maintenance on it and when all complete throw it in...
  12. Steph90

    Transfer case??

    Boyfriend bought a 99 wrangler tj 6L manual transmission First the rear end went out. After getting it back the transfer case blew up. I cant figure out which transfer case we need. Heres what info I have. Model # 231 J Assy # 5209 9211 Serial # 7 24 98 2 Ratio # 272 Help?? I can't seem to...