oil pump drive assembly

  1. Brett Piles

    P0334 and P0016 after OPDA install

    So the other day my jeep starting doing the "laughing monkey" noise. I found out it was the OPDA .I never done it before but because I'm a broke college student I do most of my work myself. Anyway, I watched multiple videos on YouTube on how to install a new one. I installed it just like in the...
  2. Chris

    Crown OPDA (Oil Pump Drive Assembly) - BRAND NEW!

    This is a brand new, never used Crown OPDA (Oil Pump Drive Assembly) for a 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ / LJ. I was planing on putting this in my 05 Wrangler Rubicon so that I wouldn't have to worry about the dreaded OPDA issue, however, I found out the previous owner already replaced the OPDA so it...
  3. Chris

    How to change your OPDA

    One of the most common issues with the 4.0 engine in the later model Wrangler TJs is the OPDA (oil pump drive assembly). The factory OPDA is designed with two oil impregnated bronze bushings separated by an oil seal. The upper bushing is cut off from lubrication by that seal, resulting in...