1. M

    Front end clunking / popping / metal on metal

    Hello, I’ve had this 06 Rubicon for almost a year, and it has always had a little squeaking coming from underneath, but today the squeaking was replaced with a loud clunking / popping sound. Last fall I replaced the front diff fluid expecting it to fix the squeaking, which it did not. I can...
  2. DeltaNu1142

    2005 LJR Flame Red

    OK, my TJ journey started today. It's been a long day, so this will be pretty short. I may or may not get into it some other time, but I started the buying process of this Jeep in October of last year. I picked it up today with 147,502 miles. It's a 2005 LJ Rubicon 6spd... a rare rust-free...
  3. O

    SOLD For Sale 2004 Jeep TJ Wrangler 69750 Miles $19,000

    For Sale 2004 Jeep TJ Wrangler 69750 Miles $19,000 I am the second owner, purchase from lady owner with 15K miles. I only do overland Jeeping mostly solo and this Jeep has always gotten me where I wanted to go and more importantly it has always gotten me back without any issues. It is well...
  4. R

    WTB: Jeep Rubicon Compass/ Temperature/ Map Light Mirror GNTX-221

    WANTED Jeep Rubicon LJ Compass/ Temperature/ Map Light Mirror GNTX-221 Looking for the one that came on the Jeep Rubicon LJ, ebay has a few but they are not verifed to be from a Jeep LJ Rubicon
  5. T

    Wrangler Forum Rubicon Trail Run in Sept 2024??

    Hello all. To celebrate a major life / career milestone, I am wanting to do the Rubicon trail in late September 2024, and thought it would be neat to have some company. Now, this is still "in-planning" stage and is not guaranteed on my part, just putting this out there for feedback. Would...
  6. T

    Rubicon Axle question on compatability

    Quick question is what I’m shooting for but not sure how this will land. I’m looking at changing out my axles on an 06’ TJ X with a set of Dana 44 Rubicon axles and I’ve come across a good deal for a set from an 08’ JK Rubicon. Is there any reason that I can’t use these axles? I’m thinking...
  7. B

    Utah Sold

    The TJR has been sold. Thank you to all the great members on this site, maybe one day I will be back
  8. T

    SOLD 2004 Tj Rubicon

    2004 Tj Rubicon (No Hood stickers) 41,200 miles 5 speed manual transmission 4.88 gears Yukon WU-07 front hub kit and chromoly axles Revolution rear chromoly axles Power steering cooler Smittybilt XRC 9500 lb winch with new line and TRE eye. 3" Bds lift w/ 1" spacers Skid Row engine skid plate...
  9. inkedrose

    Almost flopped

    Been a thread recently about "is my cage good enough". Came way too close to testing mine yesterday. Landed rubber side down. Won't let me post video for some reason but a series of bad decisions got me here lol. Sometimes need to push the line to know where exactly it is
  10. Irun

    Virginia TJ/LJ Moab Wheels with Falken WildPeak AT3 Tires (Set of 5)

    This is a set of 5 wheels and tires that are in very good condition. Moab wheels are from a 2006, which were one year only on the TJ/LJ platform. Tires are a 265/75R16 with 9 - 10/32 tread. Tread wear is even and there are no plugs or issues with the tires.
  11. DeltaNu1142

    Tub-mounted LJ rocker guards for OEM Rubi holes

    I've got a mostly stock '05 LJR with the OEM diamond-plate rocker guards. I'm looking around for rocker guards with tube steps. There are some frame-mounted options, but if there's a tub-mounted product that fits the holes already drilled into the tub, I'll add those to the short list. Anyone know?
  12. G

    Can I adjust pinion angle with OEM drive shaft on 06 LJ Rubi?

    Hi guys, I’ve searched with no answer…I’m ready to adjust the rear pinion angle on my 06 Rubi LJ with a 4” lift and OEM driveshaft but JKS says their track bar relocation bracket can only be used with a double cardan drive shaft. Is there any reason if I have adjustable control arms, shock...
  13. Offroadtrouble

    Best brakes for 2005 TJ stock

    Hi! I have a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It is stock I believe. It needs new brakes. Rotors,calipers, pads… the works. Is there some better than others? What should I get? My current set up leaves heavy brake dust on the wheels. Not sure if there is something that can curb that. It is my daily...
  14. Snuggybear

    Electrical issue after trying to install HAM radio

    I need some help folks with my 2004 TJ Rubicon. I began to install a new ham radio. My wife bought me for Christmas by tearing into the dash to find where I was going to plug through the firewall to the main battery. I had not disconnected any wires or the old CB radio or the gauges from an old...
  15. R

    SOLD 2005 TJ Rubicon 6 speed Rust Free

    2005 Rubicon, 6 speed manual, soft top with factory half doors. 105k miles and going up as I daily drive it and take 500 mile trips to outer banks with it every other weekend. Very dependable, never had an issue. No accidents or title issues ever reported, clean Carfax. I am the third owner...
  16. B

    Utah Trade Rubicon for Non Rubicon

    Very likely this is an idiotic idea but there’s some thought behind this… and I’m still very much on the fence which is why I don’t have an official for sale ad. Wanted to gauge the waters first… Took me a long time to find a clean (as rust free as possible) good shape Rubicon in the South West...
  17. NJW

    SOLD LJR Take Off's - Currectlync, Track Bar, Rubicon Locker Pumps

    I have some parts left over from the axle swap. Located in Pueblo, CO. Not available to ship at this time. RockJock (Currie) Currectlync Steering (like new, has less than 200 miles) Installed, and then immediately proceeded to swap axles. $500 Factory locker air pumps. (2) working air pumps...
  18. 0

    03 Rubicon front locker air hose fitting replacement

    My 90 degree air locker hose fitting on the front differential is loose and leaking. What is the best way to replace the fitting with a new one? It seems like it is a press fit into the housing but what does the barb fit into inside the housing? Can the fitting be pulled/pried out and a new...
  19. jmljmljml

    SOLD 2004 TJ Rubicon

    Only 74,688 miles on it, no rust, and is in all around good shape. More detailed photos upon request. Specs and Aftermarket Parts: -5 Speed Manual transmission -Hurst short shifter -Front and rear locking differential dana 44 -Delta headlights -2.5" Old Man Emu Lift OME -Gobi Roof Rack with 2...
  20. gaabbee

    New York 2006 Jeep Wrangler LJR

    I’m on Long Island ny. All aftermarket parts have about 3k miles. It has : 4 inch Currie short arm lift with LJ rear specific spring. All new adjustable arms and track bar Black magic rotors and pads with new calipers Antirock sway bar Rancho 5000x shocks 285/75/16s on stock rubicon wheels...