steering components

  1. BigYellah

    I Need Help Identifying Front Steering Components From Previous Owner

    Please help! Hi everyone! I just bought the Jeep about 2 and a half weeks ago, after thinking about one for years. I absolutely love it, it only has 73k miles, no body rust, and an unreal solid frame for the north east (which I just POR15'd after lots of thread reading!)... However, it needs...
  2. PattonD

    Plastic fastener on lower intermediate steering shaft bearing

    I got the lower intermediate steering shaft out to put the new one in, noticed the old one had a plastic fastener, sort of like a bolt, on the shaft bearing My replacement does not come with that It looks like I will get destroyed If I try to remove it. What to I call it to order a...
  3. JTR

    Is this steering linkage stock?

    Is this stock? I don't know if the steering linkage is after market.
  4. Dawnikens

    Checklist for Steering Issues?

    Hey all, first time poster here. I drive a 2004 4.0 LJ with 32" or sumn tires and no lift yet (I'm in college and barely working currently). I am aware of some rubbing from the tires. What my issue has been is that on occasion when I will be making a tight turn, it will completely lock up on me...
  5. Billyhuss

    Going back to stock height for better handling

    Hi everyone, I recently acquired a 98 TJ Sport 4.0L I6 5-speed with about 143K miles. She runs and drives with no major issues other than the fact that she handles poorly when at high speeds and while braking. The jeep came with a 4” skyjacker lift and shocks + 33” bias ply MT’s. I swapped out...