1. M

    Megatire Calgary

    Hi Group, If your heading north chances are you will be rolling through Calgary before you hit the Alaska Highway. Here’s our contact info if you need anything for your Jeep. Rob Megatire Calgary (A TreadPro Tire Centre) 3850-32 Street NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada 403-277-6392...
  2. 06LJR

    Alabama 2006 Rubicon "Moab" wheels & KM2 tires, set of 5

    I'm ready to let go of this set of five stock Moab wheels with 285/75-R16E BFG KM2 tires. Some wheels have smudges, but no gouges. They all balance up just fine. They were on my 2006 LJR and I rotated all five. There's a bit of cupping just started, but they've worn pretty flat across and the...
  3. J

    California 33x12.50r15 Mickey Thompson M/T Baja MTZ P3

    4500 miles on them. Have been amazing on road and off road. Local pickup only. Reason for selling: getting me some 35”s of the exactly same tire. Really love this tire About 900 new. Asking 700 obo
  4. jduggan27

    Do bigger Mud Terrains get louder?

    If anyone was running a mud terrain and then upsized to a bigger one, did it get louder or was it the same as the previous tire?
  5. S

    Newb needs lift kit, wheel, and tire recommendations

    Loaded question I know but I have a 2006 TJ X (two door, maybe that's a given, I'm a newb). Mostly on-road driving, maybe 0-2 times a year light off roading opportunities. Nothing super aggressive - maybe 2.5 inch lift or less, and 31 inch tires? Looking for some straight forward...
  6. dom.robles

    California Wheel and tire

    selling this wheel and brand new tire located in southern california. The tire is brand new never hit the asphalt, wheel is used with wear but overall in good condition. was hoping to get around 75 but definitely open for offers. 30x9.5r15lt.
  7. Yuan

    2006 LJ mild wobble at 55-60 mph

    2006 LJ drives smooth until it hits 55 mph, at which point it starts to have a subtle wobble on the steering wheel. The wobble gets a bit more pronounced as it hits 60. Once accelerated beyond 60, it disappears and gets smooth again. Same thing with deceleration--noticeable at 60(but never too...
  8. that.astronaut.guy270

    Grinding in front slowing down and taking right turns

    Hey everyone, New here, and new to the Jeep world! I have a hiccup though, Yesterday my 2004 Wrangler Sport started making a weird grinding noise coming from my front drivers side tire when I start to slow down and making a right turn really makes it loud. Other than that it drives great and...
  9. penk

    Help identifying tire rack and advice on Safari Rack

    Hey everyone - it's getting warm here in the northeast, and it's time to start thinking about how to build out Ole Yeller. WIth the COVID-19 stuff going on, my need to ESCAPE has gone up dramatically, so I'm thinking of refitting my 2000 TJ to make it a better camping platform. Safari rack and...
  10. BuildBreakRepeat

    Tire width and fitment

    I am currently running 35x12.5 BFG KM2 D and would like to run a skinnier tire as well as switch to an all-terrain. I have a set of 5 17” machined finish JK Moabs I will be using once the KM2s wear out (3 more months). I’ve been looking at KO2s as they have a great reviews as fit well here in...
  11. U8MYDZT

    Mammoth 8 Beadlock Style 15x8 rim

    Started a new thread to try and sell this wheel instead of trading. I really dont need it $50 OBO, someone take this thing before I turn it into a chair or something. It has never actually been used on the road, only mounted to the tailgate (2 lug holes still have perfect paint inside). Tire...
  12. Mcnenc1

    Drivers side wheel sits extremely close to spring

    Can anyone explain how this happens. Was under body for about an hour and just so happened to notice this?? (Driver side- wheel sits so close to spring it’s showing scuff marks on the wheel from it hitting each other) (Passenger side- sits fairly far away and doesn’t interfere)
  13. BadaBing0405

    "Flat Tire"

    There is a sound that is coming from the rear drive train of the Jeep. At first I thought it was a flat tire but clearly not as I looked out and checked. The noise is a THUD THUD THUD very constant, only makes a noise when not in gear and clutch is released (COASTING) DOES SEEM to stop when...
  14. Robert Gessler

    Looking for general insight (TJ Overland build)

    Hi all! so I bought this jeep in august and I've been doing a solid amount of research into what I want to build it into and I've recently gotten into overlanding (look up expedition overland they're really cool) and now that the (high school) football season is about over I can start working...
  15. Tj04

    What brands are true to the sidewall dimensions

    In the market for new tires, i have KO2 30x9.5r15 now, which barely measure 29 inches, and that's the spare with no wear. PSI is whatever it says on the sidewall, i think its 38. Don't have jeep in front of me to check. What brands of tires are true to their size? Im looking for 33s that are...