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Jan 17, 2019
There is a sound that is coming from the rear drive train of the Jeep. At first I thought it was a flat tire but clearly not as I looked out and checked.

The noise is a THUD THUD THUD very constant, only makes a noise when not in gear and clutch is released (COASTING) DOES SEEM to stop when there is positive drive train pressure or brake pressure. Defiantly coming from left rear. The Jeep is in the garage and it snowing here. So won't be driving it unless it is too troubleshoot. I will get it up on jacks take a look underneath and see if I can simulate the noise tonight/morning. Thanks. PS Do not mind the 4.0 ticker! Ugh!



Sep 6, 2018
I cant hear either but I did find out on my jeep that the bushings on bottom of my shocks have worn and make a knocking sound. They are Rancho's. Anyone ever change the lower bushing on Rancho's before or is it even possible?