trouble shooting

  1. JeepGirl1013

    4WD Troubleshooting

    I need some help with videos/resources to understand my 4WD. I keep reading the linkage is the easiest thing to work on but I feel like the basics are skipped in everything I find. I’m also not sure what verbiage I need to search to get the results I want. When I got the jeep, we didn’t...
  2. TeflonTrout

    Need help troubleshooting starter and P0301 issue

    Hey y'all, I'm at my wits end trying to solve this issue plaguing my TJ for a while now. Here's a basic run down of what's going on: 1) A while back I was having some starter issues. I would turn the ignition and nothing would happen, the jeep had power but no cranking. If I jiggled the brown...
  3. Muddy

    Driveline chirps - any suggestions?

    I am experiencing driveline "chirps" consistently in my TJ. They are clearly linked to driveline RPMs and not engine RPMs. The sounds appear to be coming from front, passenger side. Any suggestions on what this may be or how to diagnose? Thanks in advance! - Muddy
  4. LennartfromAustria

    Crankshaft seal (rear main seal) replacement

    Hey Guys, I tried using a thicker viscosity oil but the leak continued. In my country Austria a oil leak is a no go and I won't get my TÜV. Without my TÜV I am not allowed to drive the Jeep. I have an original service manual from Jeep an it states: *Remove the transmission inspection cover...
  5. Dawnnorton

    Rough starts when engine is warm and fuel is 1/4 tank or lower

    Hi everyone! I drive a 2006 4.0 with 78k miles on it. Have had problems here and there but nothing too serious. But recently, I’ve had a problem that’s stumped everyone. The jeep runs fine, but if I try to turn it on while the engine is warm and the gas is at (or under) a quarter of a tank; it...
  6. ljmcgeahy

    Jeep will not blow any air

    I’m having this problem with my 1998 2.5 liter TJ where my air will not blow out of any vents. Never had to deal with something like this so I don’t know what is going on. This is a video of what’s happening. It seems like it is recognizing that I’m turning on the air but it won’t actually turn...