1. AirborneTexasRanger

    All things welding

    I wanted to start a thread where everyone can come to get answers to questions about welding. I notice that a good number of members are able to weld and often ask for advise. A little about myself. I've been in the welding industry for about 8 years now. I've worked in several different...
  2. D

    PSA: Check your Rock Hard 4x4 welds!

    tl;dr: Don't assume the welds on your safety cage are good - Rock Hard 4x4 says you're supposed to inspect them. I recently ordered a full bolt-in Rock Hard cage for my TJ with all the fixins'. I've always heard great things about this product and company but I felt pretty good about plonking...
  3. MikeE024

    Eaton ELockers (pre-purchase inspection photos)

    I might purchase two Eaton ELockers. I asked for product photos so I could view the ears and welds. The seller said that they will ship the items packaged well. I don't see anything wrong, but it's possible I missed something. What do you folks think? Thanks for taking a look!