wrangler 2005

  1. srv1054

    Jeep Inky - A Lockdown project

    Well, I never did start a build thread, been so busy I guess. No time like the present! During the biggest part of the covid "stay at home and spend money" time last year, the wife and I picked up a 2005 Jeep Wrangler X, shoved it in the garage and started overhauling it in every way we had...
  2. KierbenM

    Should I get bigger fenders?

    Should I get bigger fenders for my Jeep Wrangler Tj '05?
  3. Taylor TJx

    Replacing the lower blend door lever on a 2005 TJ

    hello, i looking for some help. im looking for ways to replace the lower blend door lever for the defroster on a 2005 jeep tj. the part im looking for is close to OEM Part 5014108AA but for a 2005. the years they made the part was from 2002-2006 its stopping my defroster to work ( blow ) when i...
  4. Wranglerfix

    05-06 PCM issue is solved

    Hey guys, Thank you for reading my post. I've spent several years working at an ECM company and quickly became aware of the PCM issues with the 05-06 Jeep Wrangler. In order to solve the issue, our company purchased an 05 and reversed-engineered a working, plug-and-drive PCM. I am enclosing...