04 LJ pricing help


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Jul 13, 2023
i've had my 04 LJ listed for sale for a little over a month and not much interest. What would be a fair price I should be asking?

04 Wrangler LJ
126,000 miles
Auto Transmission
3inch Teraflex lift
Brand new Fuel wheels
Brand new Mastercraft tires
Smittybilt rear bumper with tire carrier
New soft top
new exhaust
new trackbar
new ball joints
No rust on frame or body


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If it is as described it should sell very quickly. What were you asking?
It looks like there's a few other LJ's for sale cheaper in that area but who knows what condition they actually are. If yours is clean like you say with no significant rust it will sell at your asking price. If you're in a hurry to sell you may have to knock off a grand.
That LJ would sell for close to 20K here.
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Depends on if you're the seller or the buyer. ;)

So true. (y) I price my Jeeps to sell and make some kind of profit. It never takes more than a few days to sell. I bought my current Rubicon for $9500 (stock), sold it for $14,000 (with mods) and bought it back about 3 years ago for $9,000.
p.s. I did have help selling it though. I'm pretty sure the tank top logo is @Chris approved. ;)

RUBI skel 8 26 2 (4).jpg

RUBI SKEL 8 25 (3).jpg
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Not sure if your listing includes them but maybe include some images of inside the frame (can't view facebook on work computer). Include known trouble spots. You are close enough to the Rust belt that some people might not even bother without seeing those images. At 12k if it is rust free with that mileage I feel it is priced well.
That first picture looks weird to me - like it is higher at the front than the back. I know that it isn't from your other pictures but I took the time to look at them, others might not.

That big transfer case drop is kind of an eyesore to me. Does an LJ with a 3” lift need that much drop?