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A little low on the front end

Swede has a TJ

New Member
Oct 15, 2021
A previous owner installed what I believe to be a 3" suspension lift. I've figured out I need to get adjustable track bars to square the axles to the body.
I also noticed the front and is about 1/2" lower than the rear. Measured on the fender flare at the center of the wheel.
I've found OME trim spacers that I think will correct this.
Am I correct?
Also, are there any common issues that may show up while doing this?


TJ Addict
Supporting Member
Jul 14, 2018
You can use spacers to level your suspension if needed. The process of removing the springs is pretty straightforward and doesn't have any surprises. Be sure to disconnect your sway bar and track bar or you will not have enough droop to pull the springs. You will need a good set of jack stands to support the Jeep while lowering the axle. Now would be a good time to cycle everything and determine if the lift was installed correctly with appropriate shocks and bump stops.