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Bumper mounted work table


New Member
Nov 14, 2018
Well while working on the Jeep the other day I dropped a tool into the engine bay, knocked two bolts off of the fender and just had a hard time finding enough space to work off of so I came up with an idea.

My friends machine shop is next door and he has an endless supply of scrap which includes not only metal but HDPE thermoplastic which he mills a lot of. After scrounging around I found some suitable shapes and after fitting them to the jeep bumper I used some leftover plywood to come up with the detachable table to work off of.

I simply slides into the space behind the bumper in the rear and rests on the "stinger" on the front. It is very solid and will hold whatever tools I need. I also have a simple Wal Mart. $1.88, welcome mat to put on it which will not allow screws or bolts to roll off.

Again using one of the 81 mm mortar sleeves on the table it can hold small parts or your favorite beverage with a koozie on it.




Kiwi TJ

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May 3, 2016
Auckland New Zealand
Sometimes the simpliest ideas are the best... great job.