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Burrito Chair

Tj Starting

TJ Enthusiast
Jan 22, 2019
South Texas
An amazing item that i carry I'm my Tj and has came in handy several times. Figgered I'd mention it on here.

As you can see, it says the weight limit is 250lb.( I weigh just below 200 and haven't had any problems of course). It is very well designed also, when in the bag it is very compact. When you sit in it, at first it feels a bit tipsy but once you get settled it is very comfortable. I would highly recommend it, got this one at a academy nearby.
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TJ Hunnicutt

TJ Enthusiast
Supporting Member
Apr 5, 2018
Texas, USA
Well that is certainly compact! Might be a bit low-slung for my 6'4" frame but, for the less lanky, it looks like it would be an easy pack.

Wonder why they call it a burrito chair?


Mar 18, 2019
Hayden, Idaho
I keep one of these ALPS Mountaineering stools:
folding camp stool.jpg

in my TJ all the time. Cheap, light, small, 250lb capacity. It is definitely not as comfortable as your burrito chair looks but frequently handy when I want to sit trailside to eat my lunch in the shade, have also used it to do brake repair without sitting on the ground.


TJ Enthusiast
Oct 31, 2018
They've got an oversized Burrito chair as well. My wife and I picked up a bunch of these on clearance at Academy. I really like them. My only complaint is that the legs sink into the ground. I've been wanting to add something to spread out the load better, but then I realize I have more pressing matters.

I might add they had some cheap kid sleeping bags for like $8 which work as a great comforter (rectangular and full zip) when you're out and about. I prefer it to the standard poncho liner.