Car pics too cool not to share

It's deserving of a second chance. I've owned three '58 Fords in my life. They're good cars. Fairly modern in the drivetrains, but still a vintage feel about them. (y)

The sad part is both of those vehicles were stored inside until 10 years ago and didn't look as bad when they came out. The story is a hoarder owns them and her house caught fire 10 years ago. The truck was in an attached garage and the car was in the basement, both untouched by the fire. The house was a total loss and had to be torn down and rebuilt. These were pulled out and rolled down the hill out of the way just feet off of the road. The area in front of the car is a creek, so it's pretty wet there, which is probably why the car has sunken into the ground.

The newer house looks like it’s ready to catch fire again... :(