Clutch Pedal Bushing Keeps Breaking Off


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Mar 29, 2022
I just purchased an 06 6-speed TJ and had the clutch pedal go limp on my way home. Was able to Jimmy rig it to get home and found that it just needed a $4 bushing to reattach the pedal. Was on my way to work a couple weeks later and had it happen again. This time it didn’t break the bushing, just seemed like it slipped out. Reattached it and went on my way only to have it happen two more times before I gave up and limped it home to get my truck. I’m wondering if anyone has had any luck finding a more reliable/permanent fix that’s a little more sturdy than a plastic bushing???
I’ve battled this for years. I keep a new bushing in my glove box. I have to change it out once or twice a year. Never had it happen as often as you fortunately
I suspect either poor quality clips or the hole in the pedal arm is egged out. I have a Motorcraft one on there with my new Motorcraft clutch cylinder but it's only been a few months so too early to say how long it will last. I zip tied a spare under there because I knew if I put it in the glove box I'd never remember it was there. If it turns out to be a problem I'll switch to the nylon bushing and clip mod.

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