Considering LJ from rust belt, what do you professional think?

Yeah I get it, I just bought a Land Cruiser out of CA about a month ago. This one just popped up on my radar like 2 miles away and I thought i would ask about it but the guy said I could look at it the next day as he was busy and then messaged about 2 hours later that it was sold.

Yeah, kind need to try to push the seller without being a pain. Let them know you have cash and are ready to move and if looks good you will buy it on the spot if possible. Someone else did and got it, not easy for sure.
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and here it is after a few years up north !!!!!!! HEY Y'ALL CAN THIS BE FIXED ? IS IT SAFE TO DRIVE ???
How much are you looking to spend? This one, funny enough does have an angry grill and bushwackers but it’s a clean auto under 100k miles. They will all be in the Georgia region(that’s where I’m located, but if any are close to Atlanta I can go look at them for you.)

Oh deal lord, No. lol. I just can't do yellow, price seems pretty fair though..
The white one is right up my alley aside form the wheels, could just put mine on there..

Yeah the wheels don’t do much for me either. Let me know if you are interested and I can make some time to go look at it. It’s about 45 minutes - 1 hour away.
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I think some folks are being a bit dramatic. :ROFLMAO: If people are driving 10 hours to get a Jeep chances are they plan on keeping it for a long time and treating with respect. It also ignores the fact that many southerners may never see road salt, but could get a lot of rust from mudding and beach riding.

My LJR from Texas is about to get it's last few major wash sessions, then copious amounts of fluid film, and still won't be driven when salt is on the road. Even with the last few winters being really mild all it takes is half an inch of snow and they dump salt all over. :mad:
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