December 2023 ROTY (Ride of the Year) Contest

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Welcome to the second annual Ride of the Year (ROTY) contest! This contest will take all the ROTM winners from 2023 and we will vote for our favorite photo.

Voting starts today and goes until 12 AM MST on December 31st (any votes that come in after 12 AM MST will not be counted). At that point the photo with the most reactions (or likes) will be declared the winner.

Voting results will be hidden and won't be revealed until the contest ends. Photos will also be randomized so each time you refresh the page the display order will change.

The winner will receive a free Black Magic big brake kit compliments of @mrblaine.

Blaine and I have compiled a few things we would like to see from whoever wins this contest:
  1. He will consult with the winner to pick the appropriate kit for their TJ.
  2. If the winner has a kit already, $500 in cash will be the alternate prize.
  3. If the winner has no plans to install and use the kit, take the alternate prize.
  4. If the winner chooses the kit, we’d really like to see an installation write-up with photos, even just a basic version.
  5. The winner will have 7 days to claim the prize at which point it will be given to the runner up.
May the best photo win!
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