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Do you haul an off-road trailer?


TJ Enthusiast
Supporting Member
Nov 11, 2015
Isla Nublar
Do you haul an off-road trailer?
Did you purchase or build your trailer?

Show off those trailers!

John Beard

TJ Enthusiast
Nov 26, 2015
Las Vegas, NV
Probably not bad all things considered. Easily the nicest looking TJ trailer I've ever seen.
I shopped for trailers for a long time, from used to homemade, custom built to something I could modify, and nothing beat the value of this Ruger Trailer. The CVT Roof Top Tent is great to sleep in, but a pain in the neck to enter and exit late at night during that late night pee break.


Feb 28, 2017
Hello all! I'm new to this forum, how do I upload pics of my tj trailer?

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TJ Enthusiast
Dec 25, 2016
Newmarket, Ontario
I've built a few trailers and here's an expedition trailer that I'm just finishing off. It's a little further along than what's shown in the pics and I've had it on the road. It tows great both with and without a load. I'm looking forward to using it this summer so I can put the utility trailer I built to its proper use. I'll be taking it off the road for a while to modify the suspension (a lift), put on Moab wheels, replace the fenders, lights, etc. and give it a general over haul. I built it about 5 years ago and its seen a lot of use for hauling junk, building materials, ATV's, garden tractors and most of all ... used Jeep parts. The bike/kayak racks come off just a few minutes so it's quite versatile. While I'm doing that I'll be starting on an off road tear drop trailer. I've acquired most of the parts and have a pretty good idea of the design direction I'll be heading in.

Last is a pretty basic off road trailer I built back in the '70s to haul the off road cars that I built. The trailer wasn't much but I wish I still had some of the cars I raced! Unfortunately this pic doesn't show the trailer very well.




Here's link the to my expedition trailer build ...