Duncan224's 2003 Jeep Wrangler Sport


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Jul 12, 2018
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New to the Jeep Wrangler world although I do have a Grand Cherokee too. I purchased this 2003 Inca Gold Sport in October 2017. It had been crashed and rebuilt (title too). It had 128K on the odo and this lovely machine does not leak or burn any oil. Condition of the sale was to have the seller replace the pesky rear main seal which was leaky on every 4.0 I looked at.

I've removed the soft top and replaced it with a 2006 hardtop as it gets scorching here in South Florida. It's my daily driver so the hardtop is more secure in the parking lot as well. It has JK Sahara wheels, including spare. Although there are extensions available, I removed the CHMSL so the spare would fit. I had to replace the leak detection pump and gas cap as it kept throwing codes. Also replaced the factory radio with a JVC receiver and upgraded the dash, speaker pods and subwoofer speakers.

So, here it is. Don't see many Inca Golds out there!

Inca Gold.jpg
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May 3, 2016
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mmmm Inca Gold ..very nice colour indeed.....looks very tidy, did it get a full repaint after the crash?


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Jul 12, 2018
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Not a full respray. It was hit on the left side. The driver's door has been replaced (it's silver under the door panel). Whatever shop did the repair did a pretty good job.

And speaking of door panels, I did a repair on the interior panel cracking the TJ is famous for. Came out ok, but not perfect. May attempt it again. I repaired the cracks with JB Plasticweld along with a thin plastic backing, sanded it up and sprayed the door panels with, of all things, Rustoleum bed-liner spray. You can still see the "ghost" of the cracks, but it's better.
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