Electronic ticking sound behind dash that goes way when pushing the brake pedal


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Sep 4, 2020
Logan Utah
I recently just got back from Utah and got my jeep back from my friend. I lent it to him the semester I was away. But now their is an electronic ticking that comes on without pattern from behind the dash. It sounds like a relay is clicking very loud, it also goes away whenever we push the brake pedal down and everynow now and then when we push the clutch.
I think it's a relay problem somewhere in the dash but I'm not to sure.
Thanks for any help!


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Jul 30, 2018
Just look under there and feel the flasher relay, it's above the column, and let us know what you find. Now, on to the bigger problem-Loaned it to a friend.

Be glad its in one piece. Jeeps, dirt bikes, and similar items don't go on the loaner program. You usually end up with either no Jeep, no friend , or both.

See "Proper TJ Etiquette- how to refuse a request to borrow your Jeep" in the forum guidebook in the social guidelines chapter. Take note of such tips as "laugh hysterically" and " lay a handgun on the dash" to deter this behavior.