Endless Summer 2.0 - My rare air Mopar treasure hunt adventure


May 30, 2022
Bradenton FL




Hi fellow Jeepers! My first Jeep as an undergrad in college in 1992 was a beautiful 1980 CJ7 Renegade. Unfortunately, I didn’t appreciate it like I should’ve and allowed the entire thing to rust out. Since then, I’ve learned to appreciate taking care of my Jeeps, and I’ve owned…in order… black 2010 JK, flame red 2012 JKU, anvil 2015 JKU, white 1995 YJ, and currently an Ocean Blue 2019 JLUR and this one - my 2005 LJ Rubicon Sahara Endless Summer 2.0 coastal cruisin’ beach buggy.

Because the 2005 Rubicon Sahara is not a very common LJ, I found myself compelled to find and install many of the other hard-to-find Mopar and AEV parts for my LJ. While it started out as a fun treasure hunt, it’s becoming a bit of an unhealthy obsesssion. So far, I’ve added a Mopar RB-1 factory navigation radio with the latest DVD map (yep - nav ran off DVD in 2005), Mopar Trail Guide made by Garmin, Mopar Rock Crawler front and rear bumpers by AEV, N.O.S. / N.I.B. khaki soft top, DIY refurbished factory half doors, and Mopar 392 XR wheels (unfortunately, these don’t fit with the period correctness of everything else but they’re damn sexy).

Still hoping to add Mopar Rock Crawler rock rails, Mopar rear corner guards, and some clean AEV Bridgers. Besides the highline hood and fenders by AEV which I couldn’t afford if I did find them, what else should I be searching for? And any leads for future treasures are always welcome!

Thanks for checking out my treasure hunting addiction!
I like it. I recently started a list of OEM accessories I've picked up for my bare-bones SE. I need to update that post, for example with the Mopar Trail Guide I recently picked up.