Few questions for those who use a tailgate mounted cargo basket..


TJ Addict
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Nov 3, 2018
East of Montauk, NY
Working on a refresh of my tailgate system. Removing the Rugged Ridge Spartacus hinge set and carrier, installing a Bestop HighRock Oversize carrier and mating the Bestop cargo basket to it.

I need at least one aux reverse pointing work light that I think I want mounted to the bottom rear of the basket, so hoping for some ideas as to how you've mounted yours. Looking to do very small, adjustable LED pod(s) that can illuminate the field behind the jeep.

In addition, I am putting two small rock light style pods on the underside of the front of the basket, pointing straight down onto a tailgate table. Curious how others have routed wire from the rear tub to the basket or a swing out carrier to support basket mounted lights and comm's antenna. Just zip tie to the upper arm of the carrier?