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Hello from the Panhandle of Texas


Supporting Member
Dec 13, 2018
Amarillo, Texas
Hello, new member, old jeeper from the Panhandle of Texas. Purchased a new 2000 TJ Sahara as a daily driver. Currently has 90K original miles. I drove for the first 13 years and then went to my son for his high school years and now back to me. Many mods over the years due to forums like this and great collaboration and information from other members. Have been lurking here the last few weeks and wanted to support the site as well as thank everyone for their information. Daily driver is a Ford F-150 which gives me availability to work on the TJ.

Still need to change gearing from factory 3.73 to give me 5th gear back, as well as install a rear locker. Besides this, the only issue I have is a small oil collection on the bell housing and will get an occasional drop in the garage floor pan. Your thoughts on the source would be helpful. Have considered rear main seal as the culprit but frankly, it isn't burning oil and not losing much so I continue on.
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Feb 3, 2017
Welcome to the forum! The 4.0L is pretty notorious for rms leaking. Mine has marked its territory for years. The other place you want to look is the back of the valve cover. After replacing my valve cover gasket, my rear main seal leak disappeared.
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