Higher torque in front of a 32RH


TJ Enthusiast
May 9, 2019
Bay Area, CA
I've been toying with a future project for my TJ in the not too distant future. I'm am deciding if I rebuild and stroke my 4.0 or swap to an r2.8. I do 1k+ mile trips at least once a year. 500 mile trips more often, so the idea of a diesel is a great one.

What are the torque specs or the 32RH? I haven't really been able to narrow them down. I've found that the 2 may mean 200ftlb.

Is the 32RH up to the task of 300ftlb. If it isn't in stock form, are there specific mods that bring it up to a higher torque spec?

If it's as dumb of an idea as I think it is, feel free to tell me. I'm mostly trying to confirm that this isn't an avenue to pursue.