Is a NV231 transfer case from a Jeep Liberty compatible with my 2006 TJ?

Jason Andrews

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Oct 7, 2017
Cuero, Texas
I really need someone that is a part guru to look a part number for me. I have a 2006 Jeep TJ 4.0 Automatic. My transfer case is shattered. I ordered a rebuilt SYE one from a guy on EBAY. Told him what Jeep I had (Had not taken old transfer case out yet). He sent me one. I took everything to a mechanic to install. Once the old was removed, the mechanic could not get the speed sensor to drop in to the new transfer case. He noticed that the NPG Part no. was different than the one I purchased. My old transfer case NPG - 45773 and the new NPG No. 49596. As of my search, my number for my old one is right. The new one comes out to be transfer case to a Jeep Liberty 3.7L. Are these two interchangeable? What do you think?


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Sep 28, 2015
Salem, Oregon
Yes, the NV231 transfer case has been made for quite a while and used on various different models of Jeeps, though there have been variances in the transfer case over the years, and from model-to-model.

This should be of some help:

It should be compatible. It sounds like the only issue you're facing is that the speed sensor won't drop in? Chances are the Liberty used a slightly different speed sensor.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge on this will chime in.