Lets see your best Jeep memes

This is the "Squirrel Cage" Jeep. It is a continuous netted belt that goes completely over and under a Willys Jeep to spread its weight while driving over soft ground. You really wouldn't want to drive this without the canvas up, as it dumped mud on top of the Jeep as it went. The Squirrel Cage did indeed improve floatation, but it was unwieldy and prevented steering, so it was abandoned. https://militaryhistoria.com/the-jeep-the-legend-of-ww2.../

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Why the SXS crowd gets a bad reputation.... Jeeps were stopped clearing a tree from the trail. Then the SXS driver claimed he didn't hit the Jeep & then took off when confronted. Then the other SXS people in the group tried to tell the owner of the Jeep that it would buff out.. But that honestly isn't really the point is it?

This isn't my Jeep just posting it up. Came from a FB group for local trails.
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