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Looking at this TJ tomorrow


Robert Christy

New Member
Nov 30, 2018
Southern California
I should get the mechanic's report sometime late this afternoon. I can't imagine it will be a bad one. It has a perfect Carfax and CA DMV report. Hope somebody doesn't buy it.


TJ Expert
Supporting Member
Ride of the Month Winner
Feb 6, 2017
Kelseyville, CA, United States
Call the mechanic and talk to him on the phone and see what he says about it. If it's good.... Call in sick and go get it. It's only 2 hours away. Hard to find a Jeep that clean.


TJ Neophyte
Supporting Member
Nov 12, 2015
When I get this or another Wrangler, I'm going to store the backseat and set the back up for our German Shepherd and gear, any ideas?

I pulled out the backseat for my dogs too, and built this two piece platform to keep them off of the brackets on the tub. It goes all the way to the back of the center console to give them the most room possible.


I highly recommend Dirty Dog 4x4 netting.