Low-mile 2004 TJR adventure rig in SoCal


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Oct 31, 2023
We got out of another 4x4 build and finally got into our personal dream rig. Here’s the deets:

2004 TJ Rubicon
  • 4.0l I6
  • Auto 42RLE
  • NP241 4:1 tcase
  • Dana 44’s front and rear with factory lockers
  • Re-geared to 5.13’s in the diffs
  • 60k original miles

  • Front HD Bumper
  • Front winch plate with Warn 9.5Ti winch running synthetic.
  • HID headlights
  • Hood gas strut hold-open
  • Hood vents
  • 4” long arm lift
  • 2” body lift with tummy tuck skid
  • Bypass/reservoir shocks with airbump bumpstops
  • Teraflex swaybar disco system
  • Metalcloak fender set
  • Custom frame mount sliders
  • RockHard4x4 bolt-in family cage kit
  • 35” milestar Patagonia’s
  • American racing wheels
  • ALL the armor underneath (diff’s, belly, steering box, low end of shocks/long arm mounts, full engine/tranny)
  • Big brake front kit
  • Back up camera kit
  • Kenwood Ham radio
  • Hard top with insulation
  • Alarm with keyless entry power doors
  • Garvin Wilderness swingaway with fullsize spare.
  • 42RLE tranny cooler with electric fan mounted on top swingaway rack.
  • LED front marker lights
  • Bright white backup lights
I’m probably forgetting or overlooked certain things but that’s the big stuff.










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Recently, we installed a Grom Audio Bluetooth adapter. It was a multi-step install requiring some minor disassembly of the dash, but very doable. took me about 2hrs taking my time, with a pause to refill my coffee last saturday. I have to say that I LOVE the fact that we retained our stock radio look, since it seems very unlikely to be stolen and the sound quality is amazing, aside from the fact that I think we need to grab a new subwoofer since our current one seems to be showing signs of being blown out.

Very happy with the purchase so far. Fingers crossed that long term reliability is a non-issue.
Some pics of the install. I double-side taped it and zip tied up out of the way. The supplied wiring harness and microphone wire had more than enough length to them.




So my daughters Honda was vandalized a couple weeks back. Been blessed to have the TJ as a back-up daily driver for me (couple days a week, anyways) so that that she can take the Civic i usually drive.

some thoughts having it on the road for a 24 mile there and 24 mile back trip each day

  1. I'm getting about 12 mpgs on 35's, 5.13's, and 4+" of long-arm lift. I'm honestly really pleased with that number, since the previous rig i was driving only got 13-13.5 with far less capability.
  2. The Milestar Patagonia's really are awesome at 63-65mph - quiet, comfortable and they track very well. Wet weather traction has been great in the last few weeks of rainstorms.
  3. Put the hard-top back on just in time for the wet season and it's been nice to be all cozy inside.
  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Grom Audio bluetooth adapter with the stock stereo. Speakers could use a refresh, since the sub is blown, but still it rocks on my drive to have my phone to stream Pandora or downloaded songs from.
  5. Really appreciate the keyless entry/alarm system i have. Nice to not have to manual lock the doors. (I just keep the rear tailgate locked with my trail tools inside. I have NO idea what brand it is. :D
  6. It fits all four of us just fine for a quick trip and my wife and I have rekindled our appreciation of how comfy the seats are. (We had an 04 LJ that got stolen many years ago. Still miss that rig)