Rear Seat Belt "Receiver" Bolt Size


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Aug 19, 2023
Hello, does anyone happen to know the size of the bolt that anchors the two rear seat belt receivers to the rear floor? I'm deleting the rear seatbelts and want to plug the holes with new fasteners. The shoulder harness into the roll bar is 7/16 X 1.25 but the receivers to the floor and the two retractors at the rear wheel wells adjacent to the rear seat latch brackets are larger holes. Hoping someone here has the facts before I start the process of elimination.
Its Mopar p/n is 6036395, it's 7/16-20, roughly 1.5" long. Please complete your Profile to make it easier to look information up for you, I had to dig back through your posts to figure out you have a 2002. Make sure it's either a Grade 5 or Grade 8. :)
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Thank you for the reply and good point about the profile I will finish that. Turns out the 7/16 bolts are indeed the correct ones.. I grabbed the wrong bolt out of a bin.
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