Spare Tire Mount Wobble


Supporting Member
Apr 2, 2022
New Ulm, MN
I've noticed that the spare tire mount on the tail gate of my '05 Rubicon seems a little wobbly. I've snugged up all of the bolts and checked it for sag (none), but it still has some rebound when I shut the gate. If I slam the gate by pressing on the tire it rebounds and the gate does not latch. Is this normal or is there some sort of adjustment it needs which does not seem obvious?


John Cotner
New Ulm, MN
Does not sound normal. I can push the tire and latches every time. Is the tire snug up against the snubbers to eliminate wobble?
Have you changed the spare tire and/or wheel it's on recently? A wheel with different backspacing won't fit the same and tires that are technically the same size may not measure exactly the same from one brand to another. Either of these would require adjusting how the spare sits against the snubbers, especially the bottom one, which is on the tub and not the tailgate.

If neither of these apply, have you checked the striker pin inside the tub to make sure it's not loose or hasn't moved?
Try adjusting the catch, #6 in the diagram here. Loosen with Torx driver, move, tighten, and try it. Repeat as needed.
Thanks for the info. I have stock tires. From what I can see from the above diagram, I may have an after market tire mount, unless I'm missing something. It is on its own hinges and somewhat attached to the gate. There is a bolt which runs through the backing plate which adjusts the tension of the tire to the mount. If I loosen it to make the gate shut when pushing the tire the tire is a little loose. If I snug it up there seems to be too much tension on the gate latch.