Stalling and hard restart


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Hello folks I am new here I guess (though I thought I had an account in the past). Issue is with a 03 TJ X 4.0 manual. About 90K miles. I must also note I have not laid hands on it yet as my daughter has up at school. Looking for some easy things to diagnose/ run down.

She was coming home the other day, started fine, went to pick up friend and when she got to friends, jeep stalled and would not restart. Cranked fine, but would not turn over. First thought was flooded when she called. Finally got restarted and went to gas station to fill up (also thought low on gas). Would not restart after fill up easily. Got started after about 5 minutes. She drove back to her parking spot, and turned off and restarted immediately. I had her drive around town to see if it would sustain, but stalled at a stop sign and again tough to restart. Obviously did not let her drive home. When running, it idles fine, no CEL. I haven't checked for codes, but will have her do that today (I keep a scanner in it)

I have read some posts somewhat similar. Fuel pump, but again seems to run fine and idle fine once started. I have cleaned throttle body and IAC this summer and replaced TPS. Wondering if PCM as I have read somewhat similar issues. Wondering if a PCM reset would be in order.

Looking for something simple first before I take a ride up there. May end up towing it home to diagnose. Appreciate any input.


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Sep 28, 2015
Salem, Oregon
Well, it would be impossible for it to be flooded since that doesn't happen on fuel injected vehicles (as the fuel is controlled by the computer), only on carbureted ones.

My guess is that if it hasn't thrown any codes yet, it's going to very soon. In which case, keep driving it around until it does. It's easier to diagnose something when codes are being thrown as oppose to just throwing money blindly at parts.

It wouldn't hurt to reset the PCM, which could be done by leaving the battery unplugged for 10 minutes or so.

You could also check the fuel pressure at the fuel rail to make sure it's getting fuel pressure. Check the spark as well to make sure it's getting spark.