Steering Wheel Rattle


Supporting Member
Apr 2, 2022
New Ulm, MN
I've noticed a rattle in the steering wheel when turning and hitting a bump. Nothing major, just a light rattle that I wanted to look into. I went underneath and checked all of the steering components and lubed everything. Everything was tight, but the problem persisted. I took it to my local shop for an alignment and they found nothing wrong. I started working my way up the steering components, and all I found was some lateral play in the upper steering shaft nearest the firewall. It moves about 1mm to 2mm when you move it from side to side. It doesn't seem like enough play to cause the rattle I'm feeling through the steering wheel. The steering wheel is otherwise tight with very little play when rotated. I've perused the posts for something similar but found nothing. Any ideas on what it may be? Or is this a feature of the TJ steering system?