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"TJMS" (Terminal Jeep Modification Syndrome)


Have mud--will travel.
Supporting Member
Nov 5, 2018
Hey Y'all,

I posted this response to a "Welcome" conversation with charles817 the other day, and thought I'd offer that sometime soon I may be in the position to begin issuing corresponding medication for the "TJMS" entry which I have proposed with the APA (American Psychiatric Association) - provided the entry makes its way into the DSM-IV-TR (*see details below).


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Staff Member
Sep 28, 2015
Salem, Oregon
Well, so far I've got over 40k into mine (if you count all the mistakes), though my wife hasn't threatened to leave me... yet! ;)

So yeah, I would say I fit the textbook description of this. If you count what I paid for my TJ in the total cost, I'm into it for well over 50k at the moment, and I have at least another 10k planned for it.
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Feb 28, 2017
Grand Rapids, MI, United States
Lol...I mentioned to my wife that I was thinking of doing the last "big" mod to my Jeep, and it would be done. She just rolled her eyes and said something like, "yeah, Right." Not two days after, I got some hair brained idea of figuring out how to get 10" of travel with 2" of lift...

She knows me too well.