Toby Keith died

Saw this early this morning. Sad to hear. I grew up on 90's and early 00's country. Always been a Toby Keith fan for his music and his patriotism was unmatched! Country music lost a legend, but he put up one hell of a fight!

Same here. Have always been a fan. Not one of my favorite artists, but certainly a great one with some really good music. And I always loved his patriotism.
I lost some respect for him when he backed Obama.

I saw him perform in the 90's and it was probably the worst concert I've ever been to. Always liked his songs though.

Little Texas was also performing and they put on a decent show for a country band so that didn't help his performance.
My boys loved singing the Angry American song when they were little. Probably because I let them sing ALL the words...specifically the part about putting a boot somewhere lol.

I like most of his songs. Sad to hear.
I just heard about his cancer about a week ago. I knew he was pretty sick but I didn't realize how little time he had left.

Growing up basically in his backyard, he's a pretty big deal around these parts. Saw him a few times at Oklahoma football games when I was in college there, and even wound up meeting his daughter at a house party once. She was exactly as wild as you would expect the college aged daughter of a country singer to be.
He came to Iraq not too long after I was wounded so I didn't get to see him...

I lost some respect for him when he backed Obama.

Try not to judge based on politics, same as I do for anyone I meet.

One of my recent favorites of his.

And of course who can forget...

Toby was one of the best baritone voices that has came along in decades- He sang under the flag a lot, but that’s nothing new in country music. We need those songs now more than ever.

The few live performances I heard were solid, Especially his tribute of “country boy can survive” to Hank Jr.

He had a long, strong career for sure.

The interviews/performances I saw recently led me to feel he was a pretty sick man.

In one interview he was talking about ramping up to tour again....I felt he’d be fortunate just to live out the year.

Hate we lost him.
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