Tread Lightly


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Oct 29, 2015
Orygun, the wet side...
True that! All of the Sturm und Drang may look cool to bystanders, but usually results in damage that is avoidable. Tear up your Jeep and tear up the trail for what? I love taking the Suburban out into the pucker brush for extended camping trips. It's stock, except for tires. The wife and I will load up and head out for a week to ten days in that thing, and not see more than a half a dozen people in the whole time. There are people who run across us and are amazed that we got the Great White Whale back into the places we do. They never even know we are there unless they trip across our campsite. There is a technique and a philosophy that lets you just ghost through the timber, leaving nary a mark for others to see. Well, a tracker would see them but not 99.99% of the general population. It's a skill worth practicing. Heck, we've had Forest Rangers drive right by the camp and not even notice us.
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