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    The quest for a TJ continues: Opinions on this under carriage appreciated

    One thing that always worries me about '05 and older vehicles in the South Louisiana area is that they may have been underwater for an extended period of time when our friend Katrina paid a visit In August of '05. Mine is an 05 and lived all its life down here. The frame was spotless.
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    Front locker won't engage

    It really isn't that hard at all if you have a descent socket set and torque wrench. I'm no master mechanic and I did it. One word of advice, make sure you mark the shims that are on either side of the carrier when they come out. If you get those back in opposite of what they came out, its...
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    Any opinions on this 2006 TJ would be greatly appreciated

    The price for jeeps will be a bit higher here in Louisiana, but the upside is that you rarely see a rotting frame from road salt. I bought my 2005 Rubicon last year with around 110k miles for 13 grand cash from a private party. The body and paint were in great shape and it wasn't really screwed...
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    06 Rubicon front end questions

    First, check the front end alignment. If I recall correctly, it should be 1/16" to 1/8" toe in and it's really easy to adjust yourself. Next check the control arm bushings for cracks or dry rot. Even though your vehicle is low mileage, it is still 15 years old and some of these things are...
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    DIY: Weld-in transmission cross-member and transfer case skid

    Bravo sir! I build allot of my own stuff, and you are correct in saying that we enjoy the process more than the result. It's not really saving money, unless you overlook not being compensated for your time, but then again, I would just be wasting that time anyway. Besides, I often find myself...
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    Ok, what are you cooking?

    I cut a piece of 1/8" steel plate and welded two pieces of angle iron across the bottom to keep it from warping. I throw it on the grill for a few minutes right over the coals and let it get screaming hot before hitting it with some oil and tossing the steaks on. It sears exceptionally well...
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    First Jeep

    Welcome. Believe me that 90% of the time, the less mods the PO did, the better off you are. Lots of good people and info here
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    When Google gets it wrong

    I know this all too well. I preach it to my kids daily. I have been saying for years that our phones are listening to us always. Another funny story... A client took us out to dinner a few years back and the project manager was talking about his multiple trips to the Houston facility and other...
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    When Google gets it wrong

    I was thinking if I got to the package first, I would be welding while wearing it when she got home.
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    When Google gets it wrong

    Yeah, I knew someone would say it, but here's the deal. I don't surf porn on my phone, so I immediately confiscated my 15 yr old son's phone and computer and checked them. He's clean too. I guess if it was the wife that searched it, I'll find out in 4 to 7 days... 😁
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    I have no words to describe this build

    So he could safely tow more than 2000 pounds?
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    When Google gets it wrong

    Swing and a miss...
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    Cracked lower control arm mount

    I agree. It could be done properly with a 110v machine in a pinch... if the axle were removed from the vehicle, then taken apart and the area was cleaned and excavated for additional penetration. Preheat would also be beneficial, but that's a lot of work
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    SOLD Dropkick Slyders for TJ - $150

    These are awesome and someone should grab them. I wanted these so bad, I made my own with some help from forum members that sent me pics of theirs. They offer excellent clearance and being removable is always a plus. Good luck with the sale
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    Cracked lower control arm mount

    And bring a 20 dollar bill. Stop at an independent shop that doesn't appear to have many cars in the parking lot. I had a brace welded to another car project like that (off the books) before I had a welder