1. D

    2006 Jeep Wrangler 4cyl 2.4l air intake box

    Anyone have or have a source for an air intake box or just the lid? Not the buckles, but the back hinge lips broke off of mine, I am having trouble locating one. Mopar part number is 53013701AB. 06 Wrangler TJ 4cyl 2.4l Thank you
  2. TNutty

    2003 TJ SE No Crank / No Start

    Good Morning! Two weeks ago my 2003 SE 4cyl wouldn't crank over or start after driving it home from work. After some troubleshooting and looking here, I replaced the original starter and nothing changed. Found out about bypassing the clutch pedal switch, and it fired right up. I took apart the...
  3. Devinr29

    Shifter is very sloppy and has alot of play

    Hello Everybody, I have a 99 4cyl with the ax-5 transmission. Recently I replaced my shifter bushing because I had a lot of play and slop in my shifter. it didn't fix anything. I drove my friends' jeep the other day and his felt very tight and notchy. I was wondering how I can get that on my...
  4. Roxanne01TJ

    Knocking when foot off the throttle

    I got a knock when the foot is OFF the gas pedal. It’s definitely coming from the engine. 2.5L 2001 tj with 187k miles. The knock calms down a little bit when warmed up. Any ideas?
  5. The KC Chief

    Missouri Need a good shop in the St. Louis area

    I have a 98 tj that I have had since college. It is the 4 banger AND it is automatic, so it is basically gutless. I have done everything I can to squeeze what little power there is out of it, but it is time for a new engine (the thing is old enough to drink legally now). Now, before anyone comes...
  6. Devinr29

    Will a 4.0 MT Driveshaft work on a 2.5 MT?

    Hi All, So I'm in the market for a new front driveshaft for my 1999 Jeep 2.5l 4cyl. On all the websites I can only find front driveshafts for a 4.0 I know that the auto ds and the manual ds are different but are the 4.0 and 2.5 ds different. If anyone knows if the driveshafts are interchangeable...
  7. Jordan K.

    2.5 4-cylinder upgrades

    I know that the best upgrade for any 2.5 4 cyl is to replace it with a 4.0. That's not really in the budget for me right now and I'm sure there are people wheeling 2.5s. Short of the 4.0 swap, are there any modifications that you have made to your 2.5 motors to give them a little more pep and...