air locker

  1. 464of1000

    Some undercarriage photos while on the lift

    Replaced shocks, brake lines, sway bars, rear axle lock air hose.
  2. TJustin

    SOLD Ford 8.8 Axle- Complete

    For sale is a Ford 8.8 rear axle out of a 99 Ford Explorer Sport, recently removed from a 2000 TJ. It has a bunch of aftermarket parts and upgrades, including: ARB Air Locker Yukon 4.88 Gears Barnes 4wd Truss Riddler Diff Cover Black Magic Brakes Wizard Brackets Setup for long arms Tubes welded...
  3. 0

    03 Rubicon front locker air hose fitting replacement

    My 90 degree air locker hose fitting on the front differential is loose and leaking. What is the best way to replace the fitting with a new one? It seems like it is a press fit into the housing but what does the barb fit into inside the housing? Can the fitting be pulled/pried out and a new...
  4. gotgneissschist

    Tummy tuck on LJ Rubicon: Where to put stock air lockers?

    Apologies if there is another thread on this - was not able to find it easily! I'm going to be getting a tummy tuck on my LJR - issue is, according to the shop I went to, they would have to entirely move all my air locker components because most of the TJ/LJ tummy tucks don't take the stock Rubi...
  5. Nuggsfan

    Re-gear and locker advice

    So I have come to a point now that it is definitely time to regear. I am running 35s on stock drivetrain currently. I have a Dana 30/44 mix on my 05 TJ. I am going to go to 4.88 as that is as tall as I can go on the Dana 30. I am also putting chromoly shafts up front. Starting off, I wheel, but...