bump steer

  1. Tim Nash

    How-to videos and product installs

    How’s it going guys? I have started up a YouTube channel and I am doing how to videos and product installs. In my first video I correct my bump steer issue. I will be doing more as time goes by. I also have a few products I have have installed on my jeep and just thought it would be cool to...
  2. TJBritt

    Alignment issues after added parts

    Long time listener first time caller. 2005 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0 L6 Automatic Trans 165k miles Added 2.5" Rough Country Spring/Shocks lift. Front and rear 31" BFG TA KO2 Added new stock size Front sway bar links before lift. Lower transfer case, solved drive line vibrations completely...
  3. QPjeeping15

    Bump Steer and wobble diagnosis help

    https://wranglertjforum.com/threads/bump-steer-and-wobble-diagnosis.13388/ I accidentally posted this under the wrong topic. i would really appreciate the help Thank you
  4. Mason Canner

    I need a adjustable track bar

    HI everyone, I just lifted my jeep and now I have bump steer. So now Im looking for adjustable track bar. Do you guys recommend any good ones. I don´t want to spend a lot, I´m in high school lol
  5. AZ2CO98tj

    98 TJ bump steer diagnosis

    i have a 98tj, 4'' currie mid arm kit, with bump steer.... i know theres a ton of threads and i have read them all! just looking for secific advice on MY setup. thanks! i believe the drop bracket for the adjustable trac bar is my issue but i would like help as i don't want to go shotgunning...