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engine knock

  1. MX952

    Wranglers That Make Knocking Noises—What Transmission Do You Have?

    For all of you that have and engine knock that seems to derive from under the rear of the motor. Which transmission do you have?
  2. Christian D.

    4.0 knock noise

    I attached two videos of my jeep. Both videos are at the same time but just a sound comparison. I also took off the belt so that way there weren’t any other sounds or noises from the parts all moving. I did an engine swap in January from a local you-pull-it. The motor itself has 120000 miles on...
  3. The Goblin

    Help Diagnosing Engine Knock

    Hey everyone! I am brand new to your forum here and pretty new to the Jeep world overall (just a few months). I picked up my 2002 TJ 4.0L automatic earlier this year and have spent quite a bit of money and time working on it. It only has just over 78,000 miles. The engine had a ticking noise...
  4. Russhibbitts

    TJ 4.0 engine knock

    View the attached file and see if anyone can determine what they think the knock may be. I have not heard it up close, only on the video. We just purchased it and want to get opinions. I think I know what it is but let’s see.
  5. J

    What is this engine sound? (video)

    This is my 2000 Jeep Wrangler SE 2.5L with 150k miles. Check engine light is not lit and no codes. Oil pressure seems fine and she seems to drive fine. Recently had the exhaust manifold gasket replaced, which solved a lot of noise. I have a light but fast ticking sound at startup, and after...
  6. olperry29

    Slight engine knock at idle on 98 TJ 4.0

    Hi everyone new to the jeep forum. I have a 98 jeep wrangler with 77k miles and have a slight engine noise at idle that i can hear in the cab but outside i cannot here it. When i accelerate is seems to go away any ideas? oil pressure is above the first line at idle and goes above 40 while driving.