gas tank

  1. juaneslh

    Gas Leak from the Tank?

    Hey Ya’ll, Yesterday I filled my tank up to full and I started smelling gas. I got out and looked but didn’t see anything that indicated what it could be. However, when I looked from underneath I found gas on the side of the tank. I think it only happens on a full tank as when it’s half full it...
  2. Aarontj2.5

    Gas tank rust?

    I had a rusty gas tank skid and am now replacing it. I was cleaning up the tank before putting everything together and it looks like some of the rust from the skid is stuck on the tank. I was just wondering if this is something I need to worry about and if it is, how I could get it off.
  3. Prometheus

    Jeep TJ Fuel tank

    Hey Guys, I just got back from moab and had a blast. However I did smack my gas tank good on top of the world. It cracked the plastic piece that connects the fill spout to the tank. My quick question is this, I have a 2004 tj sport. I know things changed a bit in the 2003-2006 models compared...
  4. Z

    Gas gauge is seriously off

    Backstory on my Jeep before I get into the meat and potatoes of my situation: bought my TJ 1 year ago. 2006 Wrangler X, 6 cylinder, 4-speed auto. Came with a 3.5” lift on 33s that were mud tires. Fast forward to now, it’s a year later and I’ve been researching possibilities about why my fuel...
  5. Winks42

    Gas pump clicking off after 19 Gallon mod

    Well the other Day I replaced my fuel pump And while I was at it I cut the vent hose so I can fit some extra gallons of Gas in there. Well this morning I went to fill up my tank and the pump kept clicking off, And I kept restarting it until around 6 gallons when it stoped shutting off and filled...
  6. Fouledplugs

    Looking for feedback / experience with Genright's, Alien and / or Comp 23 gas tanks

    Looking for some pro's and con's and feedback/experience from members running one of Genright's, "Comp 23," or, "Alien," gas tanks. Genright's, "Comp 23" gas tank (6-7 inches of stretch) PN - GST-2053 Genright's, "Alien" gas tank (8-9 inches of stretch) PN - GST-2006 Pro's? Con's? What...
  7. Jadelizard

    Check Engine Light & Hard to Refuel?

    I bought a 03' Rubicon about a month ago from a local dealership. Everything has been great until the other day when the check engine light came on. I took it to my local mechanic and he said that it was an EVAP leak code and recommended I try to take it back to the dealer who I bought it from...
  8. Kevin Wyks

    ISO 2003-2004 tj gas tank

    Looking for a factory or factory style gas tank for my 2004 tj Rubicon. Rollover valve in my current one crapped out and is spitting gas out the vent. Checked with Jeep dealer but the tank has been discontinued and as far as I can tell there is no aftermarket production other than the genright...