1. C

    Open circuit on all cylinders

    Hello all, I recently replaced my exhaust manifold and my the is throwing codes p0201-6. The #3 injector wiring was frayed so I replaced that piece of wire and still have all codes. Vehicle starts and drives but very rough. Any ideas would be appreciated
  2. Roel Salazar

    Low idle revs and jerky ride

    A few weeks before, I drove my TJ thru a river, it wasnt that deep, (almost tire height) and when I come back from the trail, the idle was really high (2,000) and driving in 2 gear when I press the gas, it feels jerky, the bad ones, they make you jump in the seat. Back in the garage, I get a...
  3. Tob

    Injector Heat Soak Symptoms

    What are all the symptoms of injector heat soak? Does it only cause rough startup? Or are there other issues associated with it? I've observed that after a 6 hr interstate drive pushing 70-75 mph, I've got a rough idle and it wants to stall. But after a while in stop and go traffic, or when...
  4. Shannon Neal

    Bad injector driver in PCM

    I've got a 97 Tj 2.5l. I just swapped out my injectors to some 19lb four holes. Got everything installed, fired up and ran amazingly smooth. Went down the road and noticed after about a 1/4 throttle the jeep kind of fell on it's face. Seemed awfully sluggish. Would clear up and gain power as I...
  5. Mitch8801

    2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ with glowing red cats

    Hey Guys, So recently I was on my way home and at a stoplight had a misfire in cylinder 2, and my exhaust sounded funny and fluttery, I was like 8 minutes away so I decided to drive it home and coast down hill. Long story short, I replaced the spark plugs, still had issues. I checked my coil...