jeep 1 ton

  1. 67StingrayJ

    The Green Gamble build

    Here it is. My first ever jeep. Pick found it on marketplace. Has 85k miles, 4.0L, manual transmission and a host of modifications. I say modifications and not upgrades because everything is half-a**ed. I want to make a dedicated rock rig out of if that is somewhat road worthy. I think it has...
  2. connorwfrench

    What axle is this?

    Hello! I’m looking for a Dana 44 front axle, this guy on FB Marketplace says he has a Dana 30 with the factory 4.10 gears from a 2004 sport, but they didn’t come with those gears, I’ve attached pictures. Could someone tell my by the picture if this is a Dana 30 or 44? If it’s a 44 then is it in good...
  3. YourWorstEnemy

    SUPERJ 2004 LJ 1-Ton Project (Superduty Swap)

    2004 Jeep LJ Sport 1 Ton Build