ox locker

  1. Lax22

    SOLD Dana 44 ox cover

    Selling a Dana 44 ox diff cover. It needs a bolts and bit of cleanup (looks like it has t been used for awhile) Looking to get $55 shipped.
  2. Cayenne Crawler

    Need help with bent Dana 35

    Hello, I am new to the Jeep world having bought my first jeep in August last year. I love driving it and use it any chance i get being its not my daily driver. But like most i get the urge to mod and upgrade it. So, with that being said I have have wanted to change the gear ratio since i have...
  3. Nuggsfan

    Re-gear and locker advice

    So I have come to a point now that it is definitely time to regear. I am running 35s on stock drivetrain currently. I have a Dana 30/44 mix on my 05 TJ. I am going to go to 4.88 as that is as tall as I can go on the Dana 30. I am also putting chromoly shafts up front. Starting off, I wheel, but...