1. JMT

    SOLD 05-06 Lower Boot Manual 6-Speed

    Price: $80 + Shipping Details: purchased as NOS in 2019 from Jeep Collins. The rubber is practically new. Very pliable. No rips or tears. The baseplate does have extra holes due to moving my console back 1” at one time. Also a crack on the plastic, but doesn’t affect function.
  2. JMT

    SOLD Shifter Stalk, Base, Pleather Cover, Bezel and Knob from 2005 Manual 6-speed

    Price: $100 + Shipping Details: fits a ‘05-06 Manual 6-speed. Pulled due to manual to auto transmission swap at 113,000mi. The pleather has a hole in it in front that was used for the hand throttle cable.
  3. grr

    SOLD 97-02 Auto Floor Shifter, Shift Cable & Bezel

    Auto floor shifter for a 97-02, comes with an extra (better)handle. $60 Shift cable with heat shield. $50 Bezel for a 4sp. Needed if you are doing AW4 swap. $100 Will sell individually or $175 takes all.
  4. S

    Automatic shift cable assembly replacement

    Was quoted $543 to replace. Part looks to be around $125 - $150. Any have instructions on removing and reinstalling? My mechanic skills are maybe about a 4 out of 10.
  5. S

    Automatic shifter issues (not related to the broken bushing)

    Having an issue similar to the broken bushing. However, after inspection the bushing that connects the cable to the shifter is fine and still connected… However, the car will not shift out of park probably. But I can go under the car and push the mechanism and it can go into drive (emergency...
  6. R

    TJ aftermarket automatic shifter

    Has anyone replaced their automatic shifter in their TJ? i would like to find a vertical top in lieu of the factory horizontal one.
  7. John V.

    Can't figure out this transmission issue

    I have tried finding someone who has discussed this issue in the forum before, but wasn't able to find anything. I have a 2006 LJ that will not go into gear... at all. I have checked the shift linkage bushing, still good. The shift actuation rod under the shift handle is good to go. The shifter...
  8. Blake Miller

    1999 automatic gear shift question

    Hi everyone, Just joined the TJ family a few weeks ago and love it! I am doing some small repairs (bulbs, switches, etc) but can’t find what I need to order to fix the indicator on the automatic shifter. The letters are there, PRNDL, etc, but when I move the gear shifter nothing changes to...
  9. Kenneth G Zinis

    B&M short shifter This is listed as Stanley, NY seller is Justin Mortier on Marketplace
  10. W

    Aftermarket Lokar Shifter Stuck In Park

    I have an automatic '97 wrangler TJ (chevy swap) with an aftermarket Lokar shifter. The shifter has been finkiy since I've inherited the car. Sometimes when it's in park I'd have to tug on it til I heard a click in order to start the car. After admittedly tugging on it now the car is stuck in...
  11. S

    Savvy cable shift installation instructions

    Any written instructions or videos that anyone recommends?
  12. S

    What part is this boot?

    This boot on the shifter is torn and I need a replacement. Its not listed as part of the shifter and i have no clue what its called to look it up. Can anyone tell me what it is and its part number.
  13. jeepdar

    Gear Indicator Light Bulb Not Working

    Hey there, Over the past 2 years I have been doing an overhaul on my parts on my 2006 Jeep Wrangler X. I am only now starting on electrical components on the inside so I am still learning and looking for help. My gear indicator light has been out for years and today I replaced it with an...
  14. RustyAutoholicGuy

    Virginia Radesigns Rock Floor Shifter for a TJ/YJ swap using an XJ shift cable

    Hey TJers, Bought this when I initially was putting an AW4 into my TJ before I went off the deep end with a doubler and no longer have a use for it. Like the title says it's a Radesigns Rock Floor Shifter for a TJ/YJ swap using an XJ shift cable. Originally paid $200, looking to get...
  15. Devinr29

    Shifter is very sloppy and has alot of play

    Hello Everybody, I have a 99 4cyl with the ax-5 transmission. Recently I replaced my shifter bushing because I had a lot of play and slop in my shifter. it didn't fix anything. I drove my friends' jeep the other day and his felt very tight and notchy. I was wondering how I can get that on my...
  16. 1Blacktj

    Cupholder Bolt

    So i had a new interesting problem the other day. I was driving and realized that my whole cupholder and the plastics around the shifter was really loose. So the next day i went to tighten the bolt in the cupholder and some how the threads are stripped? Is this something that has happened to...
  17. 1Blacktj

    Automatic trans shifter bushing

    So yesterday my transmission bushing went out so I did some research and found Best4x4 mod over on wranglerforum. As of right now I have the nylon spacers on the outside but I am trying to find a nylon spacer or bushing of some sort to go in the shifter linkage. Does anyone know the size of...