1. Tim_with_the_tj

    U-joints: Did I do it right?

    Alright, this was my first time ever replacing u-joints so take it easy on me. Stock rear driveshaft. Does this transfer case side u-joint look too tight? It isn’t difficult to move at all. It just feels snug. Ignore the mess…wait for the end of video. I used the thinnest clips that were...
  2. samslack

    SOLD NEW Spicer Dana 30 44 Heavy Duty Axle U Joint Combo (Includes Pair of Spicer 5 760X Axle U Joints)

    These are Brand new Asking $30 + shipping. I will use USPS priority mail for fast delivery. (please note The UPS estimator is wrong and does not calculate the correct shipping cost for this reason I am using USPS unless the buyer wants to create their own UPS label and email it to me- Contact...
  3. T

    Any recommendation on ball joints?

    In need of new ball joints for the Jeep. Any recommendations on brand? I would like greasable. Thank you
  4. Chris

    Front driveshaft u-joint part number?

    I understand that my 05 Rubicon uses a 1330 u-joint on the front driveshaft, is that correct? If so, what is the spicer part number for a replacement u-joint? Preferably an upgraded one if possible. 5-760X, or will that not fit?
  5. TJDave

    Upgraded ball joints?

    I plan on replacing the ball joints on my TJ as preventative maintenance. While I'm at it, is there a worthwhile ball joint upgrade that anyone has experience with or should I just run the OE Spicer ones?