turn signals

  1. J

    Turn signals issue

    2003 X Left, right and hazards will only flash a couple of times before going dead. Anyone experienced similar issue? Any thoughts on what could be the problem? Thanks/Jacob
  2. N

    Right turn signal indicator light issue

    Hello all! So in my 2000 se jeep wrangler I'm having an issue with the right turn signal indicator light where when in the parking light position it is constantly dim, I have upgraded the indicator lights to led, and the front parking and side marker lights to led as well all the turnsignal...
  3. 2

    LED Headlights and Right Turn Signal Indicator (hyper flashing)

    I have an 05 TJ and put in LED headlamps only (I did not install any other LEDs except the 2 head lights). Now, the right turn signal indicator stays lit, and I get hyper flashing on the right side. I was told that it is b/c the current is lower voltage with the LED headlights, and since the...
  4. Jordan K.

    Looking for DRL/Turn Signal Pigtail for fender install

    I just picked up some tube fenders for my 97 TJ and grabbed some of these LED lights to pop into the holes in the fenders. I'd Love to not hack up the factory wiring harness. Does anyone have a source for getting spare of these connectors so I can wire my new turn signals and other future front...
  5. I

    Front Turn Signals Not Working

    I recently installed a set of Rugged Ridge tail lamps and not my front turn signals do not flash, they just come on steady. I add a new LED compatible turn signal relay, but still no luck. Before I installed the relay i did not have any turn signals or hazards, at least now I have rear turn...
  6. BarrysJeep

    TJ Taillight problems

    So I am having problems with my drivers side rear taillight. When i turn the key to on, but not started it works fine, stays on, blinks properly, reverse light works,everything. But as soon as i start driving and use my left turn signal the entire light stops working, no brake light, turn signal...
  7. Shwane

    LED front blinkers

    I'm about to instal tube fenders and was looking into options to put my blinkers back. Reading through all these write ups has me wondering if I would just be better off putting some old fashioned incandescent bulb housings in. Are the diodes, resistors and blinker switches all necessary to put...
  8. Chris

    Jeep Wrangler TJ Light Bulb Replacement Guide

    Just thought this would be a handy thread to have as reference. The light bulb types / sizes for the 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ are as follows: 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ Replacement Lightbulb Size Guide Low Beam Headlamp Light Bulb Size: H6024 High Beam Headlamp Light Bulb Size: H6024...