1. G

    Help identifying torx bolt on 2004 TJ

    Hi everyone, finally bought a jeep and I am new to some of the mechanical aspects. I am going though replacing the shocks and fixing the steering up. I found this star/Torx bolt on the back drivers side and it seems very loose. the plate that it runs though squeak incesently while I am driving...
  2. C

    What does this part do?

    Hi all- Have this bracket for the fan shroud but don’t know what it connects to the back of the shroud (hose, line, etc). Does it have a specific name and/or what is it holding to the back of the shroud? Thanks.
  3. C

    Unknown Part

    Hi All, So, I took apart my 2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ to install a new engine about a year and a half ago… I’m just now getting around to fixing it up again. Found this metal part in my parts bin but it doesn’t seem to have a parts number and I have no idea where it goes. It appears to have 2 bolt...
  4. Jmazza0

    Sudden drop in MPG

    Good evening everyone, I've recently noticed a drastic change in my Jeeps gas mileage from around 15mpg to now 9-10mpg. I'm pretty good at keeping up with the maintenance (no check engine lights), and I know my lift & 35" tires don't help but I've had those modifications on for the past 4 years...
  5. I

    Unknown part

    I recently replaced both front fenders and overhauled my coolant system. However, when I finished I had this piece left over. It looks like a mount for something but I am at a loss. I had everything labeled but this. Some sort of indication would helpful thank you.