1. AirborneTexasRanger

    All things welding

    I wanted to start a thread where everyone can come to get answers to questions about welding. I notice that a good number of members are able to weld and often ask for advise. A little about myself. I've been in the welding industry for about 8 years now. I've worked in several different...
  2. PurpleTJAZ

    Cracked upper control arm bracket

    So crawling under the TJ tho afternoon looking for a mysterious rattle (I think was a lose fuel line) I noticed some cracks in my rear upper control arm to frame brackets. Question is do I just clean them up an run a weld over them or do I need to reinforce an box them. Open to input. @ mrblaine?
  3. Steel City 06

    Welding: What type of wire?

    I may eventually be buying a welding setup for general work on the Jeep and some other similar projects. Use will be almost all steel anywhere from sheet to 1/4", probably mostly 3/16" and 1/8". I will probably buy a 110/220 volt combination welder that does at least 200 amps. Primarily I'm...
  4. Tj04

    Brazing control arm rock sliders

    Interested in the weld on rock sliders for the front lower control arms. Could those be brazed on? i imagine silver braze wouldn't cut it, but what about braze rod w/ flux coating? Would that hold up? I was told MAPP gas would do copper braze.